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Dip of Knowledge Moments!

Below you will find special moments that have been shared with us by our parents and our students here at Strawberry Fields.   

Keep scrolling down to read some of the cute things we hear our students say.  
What a fun place to spend our days!

Dip of Knowledge Moments by parents...

"Jake loves coming to school.  I have seen such a growth in his development and love for learning.  My favorite Strawberry Fields Dip of Knowledge moment for him was when he took a bite out of a cracker at home and held it up and said “Look mom, it is the shape of Louisiana.”  I have also had other parents at our church point out how well he knows he letters and sounds for just turning four.  Placing him at SFOL has been the best decision that we did for him developmentally and educationally."  - Jake's mom

"My family and I are so happy to have Paige at Strawberry Fields.  We are amazed at what Paige has learned...especially with her reading abilities.  Mrs. May has done a fantastic job with getting Paige ready to read.  But most importantly, Paige loves it here and loves ALL of her teachers!" - Paige's mom

"We are so grateful for the family of educators that has dedicated themselves to our daughter at Strawberry Fields.  Being a mother of two, I have interviewed and researched many schools and curriculums over the years to set my children up for success.  I came to realize the most important aspect of the education I was looking for was one that kept my child engaged and a staff that cares for the learning and emotional growth of their students.  My daughter is very excited to tell me about her day.  She is proud of the reward system she gets to participate in and we feel confident she is learning more than just letters and numbers.  We feel very fortunate to be the parents of our kids and even more fortunate they have teachers who appreciate and care for them as much as we do." - Tyler's mom

"Since our daughter Riley started Strawberry Fields , we have been absolutely amazed at her social and developmental growth! She has gone from a very shy little girl to very confident in meeting new people in all different surroundings! She absolutely loves going to school and comes home everyday eager to share her songs about the continents,  teach her little sister the letters and sounds and read us one of her new books!  We are so happy we chose Strawberry Fields and are looking forward to private kindergarten next year!" - Riley's mom

Dip of Knowledge Moments by Students...

"My favorite thing about SF is getting on the stage and singing."-Paige

Oh!  The things they say...

"My name was Jesus when I was a baby."
"Miss Delaney is coming to my slumber party!"
"Can you take me home with you?"

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